Random Thoughts: Too Much Positivity

I share random thoughts in random thoughts. These ones are so good you can not disagree.

If you disagree with this post, you can’t dislike it.

In fact, if I were to go on a racist/sexist/antisemitic/anti-lgbtq tirade you couldn’t dislike it either. You could only like it or scroll on. Maybe you would leave a comment, but I could just block you or delete it.

Your only option is to like this post.

Sometimes, expressing dislike is crucial.

Especially when we’re living in the modern age with a “MODERN DAY” president.

This post is going to be pure speculation. However, because you can not disagree, because you can not dislike this, I must be correct. So I’m going to go ahead and state some unarguable facts. If you try to criticize this post, I might just delete your response. In fact, it’s probably best for you to just agree since that’s the only action you can take.

Social media has brought the world closer together, but the way it has developed has thrust our present society and democracy into a dangerous situation. Sure, the first amendment prevents the government from hindering free speech, but what happens when the President blocks you on twitter? Suddenly, the avenue of speech the President is using is blocked from you. Suddenly, the simplest way to offer critical comments is out of your reach. (Hopefully we’ll get an adequate answer to this, as users who have been blocked by Donald J. Trump are suing) Beyond that, twitter has limited our speech and, more importantly, our responses to any given speech on that platform. You can favorite a tweet, or retweet it. That’s it. What the Hell is a favorite anyway? What sort of feedback is that? I go back and reread my favorite books, I rewatch my favorite movies, but during the time I had twitter I never went back and looked at my “favorite” tweets.

I am reminded of some dialogue from what may be my favorite videogame:

The digital society furthers human flaws and selectively rewards development of convenient half-truths. Just look at the strange juxtapositions of morality around you…

You exercise your right to “freedom” and this is the result. All rhetoric to avoid conflict and protect each other from hurt. The untested truths spun by different interests continue to churn and accumulate in the sandbox of political correctness and value systems.

– Colonel, Metal Gear Solid 2

Everyone withdraws into their own small gated community, afraid of a larger forum. They stay inside their little ponds, leaking whatever “truth” suits them into the growing cesspool of society at large.

– Rose, Metal Gear Solid 2

The different cardinal truths neither clash nor mesh. No one is invalidated, but nobody is right.

– Colonel, Metal Gear Solid 2

I think that suits this topic quite well. Even if you disagree, well, you have no way to truly disagree with what I am positing. Most social networks, primarily evolving from Facebook, have no way to dislike or disagree. Sure, that was perfectly fine when social networks were just used for pictures and pointless posts, but now, avenues such as twitter are the best way to get information from the POTUS or to keep up with the news. Social media has led to revolutions such as the Arab Spring.

While I understand the idea behind only allowing likes in order to prevent things such as bullying, it’s not a hard problem to fix. Allow people under the age of 18 to only have their posts liked. Bam. Simple. Once you turn 18 and are legally allowed to enter the political realm, you should be willing to accept that you might have shitty opinions. You might be wrong about something. You might even be a fucking idiot. People are going to dislike you whether they can express that on Facebook or twitter. That’s a fact.

Disagreement is crucial to keep this country running well. Criticism is key to innovation. As the world becomes more digital, we are losing our abilities to criticize, to disagree. The government may not be limiting your speech, but the avenues that they are using to communicate sure as Hell are. We can already see a lot of the progress made in the past being halted as things become more digital. When you hold power and can communicate without disagreement, it isn’t a good thing for our society. When town halls are replaced by tweets and posts, it isn’t a good things.

The only thing that we can do is agree.

No matter how abhorrent, we can only like something.

No matter how incorrect, we can only favorite a tweet.

No matter how offensive, all you can do is scroll onwards.

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